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Terra Pedestre
We are

Terra Pedestre founded in 2007, is a tour operator and travel agency. We have a wide range of leisure and travel activities. The activities offered by Terra Pedestre basically aim to provide its customers with unique, constructive and highly rewarding experiences, in Portugal and in the World.

Our activities and trips are mainly in groups and are accompanied by guides in Portuguese and other languages.

Our offers are aimed at a wide audience, institutional and non-institutional, in order to improve, fulfill and fulfill their claims and expectations.

"Traveling is the best way to learn ..."


Diego S.

"I highlight the presence of the excellent guide at all times."

Manuel B.

“We love it! our next trip will be with

you. ”

Lucia P.

"Professionalism was evident, from the beginning to the end of the trip."

Tamara J.

"Travel in Europe, just with you. Hug".

See you soon!

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